Winter Getaway Day 8

A short-ish drive today from Denmark to Albany, with just a couple of stops on the way.

We did a little detour right at the start to do a drive-by Marilynn’s dad’s house in Denmark.

Then we were off to see the privately-owned museum “Recollections of War” near Youngs Siding. It is an amazing, eclectic collection of war memorabilia that is ever-growing (courtesy of donations and eBay!).

The next stop was over a bit of corrugated gravel to the Shelley Beach Lookout to take-in the (fresh) views of the Great Southern Ocean.

After that, it was off to Albany for an early afternoon and another free day tomorrow.

a bit of traffic congestion in the cul-de-sac visiting Marilynn’s father in Denmark (with the usual paparazzi)

part of the Recollections of War collection

Recollections of War

part of the Recollections of War – an absolutely amazing collection of hand-crafted, plaster of paris figurines done by a local bloke. They are all meticulously hand painted, and accessorised with equipment, sashes, hats, sporrans etc in fabrics etc in amazing detail.

Recollections of War

Shelley Beach Lookout

Shelley Beach road

Today’s travels

the trip so far


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