Winter Getaway Day 10

A long day’s drive today from Albany to Collie – 320km, nearly 9 hours start-to-finish, and 5 1/4 hours driving – and driving a Model A isn’t all that relaxing!

First stop was the lookout at the Mt Barker TV tower. The installation of this tower marked a significant change to the lifestyle of us Albany residents at the time – TV came to Albany! And yet Anne and I must have driven through Mt Barker hundreds of times since then – but we had never been up that hill.

Coming back down the from the lookout led to a compulsory stop at the Mt Barker bakery – yet another mouth-watering country bakery we have patronised on this trip (we are not looking forward to the bathroom scales when we get home).

Next stop was Boyup Brook for lunch and then out to Harvey Dickson’s Country Music World just out of town. This really is a fascinating place – even for us who aren’t into country music. Harvey has built this fantastic venue, jam-packed with historical, every-day items. He spins a great yarn too.

We got into Collie around 5pm and headed almost straight-off to a Chinese restaurant – which was a refreshing change to the pub food of the last week.

Tomorrow, Narrogin.

At Middleton Beach at the start of the day

heading to Albany under threatening skies (that never produced much rain – as has been our charmed luck on this trip)

autumn trees on Middleton Beach Road heading into Albany town

Albany’s famous Dog Rock

the view from the Mt Barker TV tower lookout

the TV tower

Mt Barker Bakery

the Mt Barker chicken

olive trees at Frankland

Boyup Brook

Sandakan Memorial at Boyup Brook

Harvey Dickson’s Country Music World (Boyup Brook)

the record room at Harvey Dickson’s Country Music World

the rodeo ground at Harvey Dickson’s Country Music World

today’s travels

the trip so far

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