The National Meet – day 4

Bit if a quiet day today. Darryl has caught the lurgy that is going around and spent the day in bed. It was the first day of sunshine and warmth too, which was a bit disappointing. I made the most of it by reading on the veranda overlooking the Murray river with all the water skiers.

Many people are out and about visiting the zoo and doing the other optional runs suggested by the committee.

We went on the Proud Mary river cruise for dinner in the evening. In retrospect, this was a poor choice because as soon as the sun set, we couldn’t see anything except our own reflections in the windows. Oh well, the company and dinner were great.

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3 Responses to The National Meet – day 4

  1. Lorraine piercy says:

    Poor Darryl, I hope he is feeling better now. It looks a great National Meet. I have been looking forward to your posts also enjoying the photos. Saw some pics of familiar people in fantastic 20’s outfits. Keep up the posts.

  2. Horace and Jean says:

    I hope Darryl is feeling better.

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