The National Meet -day 1 and 2

Registration went smoothly with the SA meet committee demonstrating fantastic organisation and planning skills. Hours were spent nattering and catching up with old friends and familiar faces. The trade tables were great with a the highlight being a large range of 1929-30s fashion items for sale all sourced from local op shops over the last year. 

The first day was filled with optional runs and dinner in the evening. 

A large group of WAers went to Tailem Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend and then to Old Tailem Town. Not necessarily on that order as some got lost on the way. The Bend racetrack is very impressive, but we were not allowed to go for a spin.

The Bend

Tailem Bend was a nice town and the train museum was great.  Old Tailem town was the highlight of the day. It it a huge collection of old buildings arranged into a town of streets, business and homes. It had every commercial business possible with the building decked out with the appropriate equipment and nicknacks. Dentist, chemist, theatre, pub, solicitor, drapery , butcher etc etc. nearly 100 buildings in all

Darryl at the barber?


Darryl John and Bob all found the pub

Old Tailem

Bob Horgan did WA proud in the Hubley racing coming 2nd in the heats. Chris, Philip and Emma Wringe all competed for WA too. 

Dinner was very nice and dessert was awesome. All in all a great start to the meet. Tomorrow is the mandatory run to Mannum. 

Big announcement that the 2020 Meet will be in Ballarat.

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4 Responses to The National Meet -day 1 and 2

  1. Horace and Jean says:

    Thanks Tania. It looks wonderful. A must visit for us next time we are over that way. Obviously Darryl had no luck in the Barber, I hope the boys had more luck at The Bent Elbow, though I doubt it.

  2. Ian Steer says:

    I presume you missed the word “not” when you said “but we were allowed to go for a spin” :-). Ballarat in 2020 – hmmm

    • Tania Piercy says:

      You’re right. I’ve corrected.

      Ballarat. First thing to come to mind is YES. second thing to come to mind is BRRRRRRRR Cold

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