Perth return Day 8 Nullabor – WA (Easter Sunday)

Awoke to a beautiful day on top of the cliffs on the Australian Bight. Packed up camp and headed to the WA border.  We are now home ??  Got TELSTRA contact and got word from the main mob that they are on the road to Ceduna today.  Reg and Coral left Port Augusta for Ceduna also. Fishing for main mob was great and all cars travelling well; GREAT.

Happy Easter everyone, we shared a block of dark chocolate.

Left Eucla a very small with caravan park/motel and desended down the escarpment onto the flat country , but followed the escarpment for 200kms[ this is the continuation of the bight cliffs] but now with land top and bottom, a great sight. Now in WA and the saltbush and blue bush flat country continues onward for 100kms with the escarpment always close on our north side, very different. Had a pie at Madura  and they looked tired like the whole place. Stopped at Mundrabilla for fuel and a great shower, after 2 days it was essential.

The road from eucla to norseman is 950kms , a long stretch.

Refuel at cockabiddy  which like all these roadhouses looked rundown and tired. Onto Caguna to try and buy some stores and fruit as it was not allowed over the border, we ate it all .No luck with the stores , so hard rations for our bush camp. Camped about 120kms east of Balladonia on the longest straight stretch of road inAustralia.[ 140 kms] Good camp in the bush entree was chips [smiths original] main course was braised steak and onions [ out of 2 cans] on toast and sweets being Easter Sunday was dark chocolate. Another great sunset at 5.30 due to the time change! And in the swags by 7.15 after a cup of tea. Fantastic full moon again. Completed about 520kms Glad running well.


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