Perth return Day 5 Mannahill – Port Augusta

Bob at Mannahill camp.  Awoke to a clear sky and no mozzies.  Packed up camp and headed off  to Peterborough  with a fuel stop at Yunta [good coffee] for morning smoko at the Old Cinema cafe; a great place for a good coffee.  Country now is dry and looks very degenerated; still pastoral properties.  At Peterborough we said goodbye to Pete and Kaye who headed for Adelaide – a truly lovely couple to travel with.  Now completed 10,000 kms and 2300 to go !!!!!

The country is now dry farming area with rolling hills and old stone buildings with the Flinders Ranges in the background.  Over the Horrocks pass to the site of the Spencer’s Gulf in the background; a very steep decline [Gilbo did it in top gear].  Everyone chose 2nd gear.


Into Port Augusta and the bakery to some of the best pies in SA; the Stockmans pie was the best. Then into a caravan park for a clean up and sort out the cars.  All going well; Colin changed his points on the road.  Had a BBQ and a lovely meal. Nice to relax for the afternoon.

Travelled 280 kms today.

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