Perth return Day 4 Emmdale – Mannahill

Day 4 started with mozzies so thick on the net above  that one could not see the sun rising, and Colin gone.  Carried away?  So we had breakfast and packed the camp up to head west to Willcannia.  Country is now pastoral scrublands that look to be denigrated by  goats  – saw plenty. Some nice remnant saltbush flats, another beautiful day, no winds and all cars travelling well on this very flat country.  Signs of kangaroos and goats; country is now very green with annual grasses.

Onto Broken Hill across very flat saltbush plains and lunch on the road, no bakery today. Weather beautiful, no wind and all cars performed all day without a hitch. Stopped at the SA border, changed our time and headed west.  Now at Mannahills, a quite small siding and the storekeeper”s wife is cooking us a meal.  Frank and Bob banker have gone onto Peterborough to catch up with Colin. We will all meet tomorrow and Pete, Kaye and Grandma will divert to Adelaide. Lovely still evening, the moon is nearly full.

Completed about 450 kms today and all cars going well.


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