Perth return Day 2 Moree – Warren

Left Moree for Warren at 7.30 for Narrabri on open flat cotton country; all cars going well, very flat with the New England ranges to the east. A great day; sunny autumn weather, stopping hourly or at local bakery, then on to Coonabarrabran for lunch.  Now into the largest nature reserve in NSW;  undulating wooded country, then back out into flat country all the way to Broken Hill.  At Gillgrandra we turned west for Warren; we now feel we are heading home.  Beautiful weather and a slight tail wind. Arrived in Warren; all camped out, really great company.  All cars performed without problems today.

We have had a great day and covered about 400kms.  Note Tommy, Ted and Sport  rounding up a fat pet sheep. The farmers in the A team saw some sheep and summer crops being harvested:  sunflower, cotton, winter cereals etc.  Farmer Pete used his new knife to trim his flapping tyre and trim Glads leather straps; very handy our Pete.  Bob the banker is missing Peachy, and Anthony is missing his sisters.

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