Perth return Day 10 Coolgardie – Perth

Had a great camp; probably in need of a shower.  Stores now nil so we will head for Perth but may camp at a caravan park if needed. The country is woodlands with rolling hills in pastoral country, can see the results of the fires over the past few years, a lot of regrowth. 15 kms before Southern Cross; back into farming country, very dry, but we have a strong east wind pushing us to Perth . Car running well. Refuelled in Southern Cross where there is also a good museum.

Onto Merredin to look at the Cummin’s Playhouse Theatre which was moved from Kalgoorlie in its entirety; a fantastic building worth a tour. Had a delicious lunch and a shower at Avril’s B&B, the best in the wheatbelt, warmly welcomed by Avril who also is a great supporter of the RFDS. Glad running well and loving the tail wind; onward past Narrogin for Perth and home.

The main cars are 1 1/2 days behind and travelling well; Reg has diverted from Norseman to Hyden and travelling well also. I wish to thank everyone who has followed this Blog and supported the RFDS through donations on ref Glad. Also Telstra for supplying the equipment to run this Blog over the last 6 weeks and the support of Rotary and the awareness of Men’s Sheds in Australia.  We completed 12900kms for the trip and 510kms on this the last day . I personally want to thank everyone who  contributed to the safe return and the Model A Ford Restorer’s club of WA.

Where to next   ??????    Maybe Perth to Ayres Rock via the Outback Way in October 2013 and back via Coober Pedy?

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