Perth return Day 1 Ipswich – Moree

We are back on the road again.  We had a great rally with some wonderful drives around the Great Dividing Range, met new friends and caught up with past friends; a great time was had by all.  WA Club had a great presentation for our rally in 2014 at Busselton, and our power point talk by Colin and me was well received and believed with much humour and fun.

Brett, Colin, Kaye, Bob the gardener, Peter, Gilbo, Frank, Bob the banker, and Mark Thornton [replaced Alan the botanist] as Glads co -driver????????

We left Ipswich at 7.30am for Cunningham’s Gap in the Great Divide, a very steep climb, with some anxiety as another A had not got to the top. All cars performed well, sailed over the Gap [see photos] and saw another A half way up stopped and adjusting his points.

Then we were on the flat country, now quite dry,  heading for Warwick Bakery.  We arrived for morning smoko to the best pie shop in the world, consumed a pie or 3; we deserved this after such a successful climb by all including our cars. It must be noted that Glad did the whole climb in top gear; she is running very well, with Tommy’s help [the dog].  Then off to Goondawindi on the NSW border.  Met up with Merv and Toni Dane and their son Shane who had a sumptuous afternoon smoko fit for 29 men ready for us. We managed to eat a lot, thanks to our kind hosts. Then with full tummies we headed for Moree and the hot thermal baths, arrived at sunset and completed 480 kms for the day. A great start; all cars went well, Bob had a front shockie let go and everyone has fallen into bed after a thermal swim.


Frank, Colin, Bob gardener, Merv, Toni.

The girls

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