National Meet Update, 6 Sept 2021

Dear Model A Owners,

It has been a very interesting time here in NSW for the past two months. We are all wondering where we are headed with this new Delta version of COVID, and realise it is going to create some huge changes to our daily lives, to allow us to move on in the future. I congratulate those states that are lucky enough at this time not to have it, but like the flu, I think unfortunately it is only a matter of time.

As a result of this uncertainty the 2022 National Meet Committee has decided to hold sending out the official Goulburn National Meet Registration until we fully understand where Australia is headed re COVID. The committee right up until this recent outbreak had been busy organising the event, and we are extremely happy with all the progress we have made to date. In fact this lock down has not really interrupted our planning.

We are still receiving Early Bird bookings, but they are now just a trickle as you would expect. Just to remind everyone:

• Our venue is all locked in The Grace-Millsom Function Centre. At the venue there will be meals available for lunch and dinner daily on demand, which could be sit down or take away. There is also be a cappuccino machine operating, for those that wish to purchase a coffee, as well as a tea and coffee station.
• The camp sites around the rally HQ have been booked pretty solid at this time, well done.
• We have a wonderful era fashion event, put on by the Cavalcade of History & Fashion on the first Monday morning with a Devonshire Tea in the Rally HQ –
• There will be a number of interesting Tech Talks, one on the Monday morning and another later in the week.
• The Historic Goulburn Waterworks will open just for us on the Tuesday morning, and we are hoping they will fire up the steam driven pump, plus there will be some fantastic photo opportunities, particularly for anyone with a drone of all the Model A’s parked around the pump house.
• It is tulip time of year, and there is a visit to a Tulip Top Gardens in your Model A.
• The response to the trip the Canberra to the War Memorial seems to have piqued a lot of people’s interest, so that based on bookings will be an all day event on the Wednesday.
• We also have a number of shorter 2 hour historic bus tours organised around Goulburn
• Our major sponsor is the NSW National Trust, and they have a national trust farm near Goulburn called Riversdale, and we have schedule a number of visit times for you there.
• Don’t forget just down the road from the rally HQ is the Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre –
• Another place of interest is the Rocky Hill War Memorial & Museum. –
• We have plenty of local runs to discover the beauty of the district and also where you can stop for lunch.
• Monday night will be the “Welcome Cocktail Party” and Friday night our “Gala Dinner”, both at the Rally HQ in the Veolia Arena.

So I know the event will be going ahead, but we may have to put some special controls in place. We only hope that the politics of COVID are finished by then, and all states have agreed on a common sensible plan to let us all to get back together.

Be assured once we know what all the new rules are, we will send out immediately our official booking application.

Thanks for your understanding, I trust everyone in COVID affected states are OK, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2022

Regards from the 2022 Model A Ford 27th National Meet Committee

Rob Taylor
Rally Secretary
2022 Model A Ford 27th National Rally
Hosted by the NSW Model A Ford Club
PO Box 382
Ph: 0434 314 198

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