National Meet – the Trip day 6

It seems Brett’s reliance on Corals scones and cooking is a farce as he’s made his own lamb shanks, roast shoulder and all the vege at 4 in the morning in some else’s campfire. 

We left early and arrived at Ceduna to restock the fruit and vege. 

Elect issues with George’s solar appear to have been fixed by the lunch stop at Wirrulla.  If you remember, George is Brett’s new teardrop  

Poochera windmills

At Wirrulla, Peter used the advantage of first arrival to scope out the old parts from a local garage.  The owner asked for $50 and Peter eventually negotiated the box for $70.

But otherwise a fairly quiet day. That is until we arrived at Kimba to overnight. 

The entire reserve were treated to 2 and a half hours of hammering, swearing and grinding to remove a wheel nut from Glad. Eventual success and the camp returned to relative serenity. By about 8pm the grunting and muttering died down and everyone returned to normal. 

Yup, it’s a wheel

George’s solar issues appear not to be fixed after all. The entire system was working perfectly until it actually got dark and was needed and then packed it in. Brett calculated that he could have bought 1023 head torches for the amount he’s spent on the solar. 

Still at it

Russel Coight moment #4 -Someone had a shower at 4am, forgot his towel and dried himself as nature intended at a campfire. Thankfully, the idea someone was coming convinced him to tog up and get decent. 

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  1. Horace and Jean says:

    Thanks again Tania. It sounds as though you have plenty to keep you entertained. Take care everyone we are thinking of you……very jealously.

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