National Meet – the Trip day 4

An early start from Madura Pass after a quiet night. Refills at Belladonia and Caiguna and…  well everywhere to be honest.  Wilson is paying particular attention as the price skyrockets. We are getting regular progress reports from Brett and crew and they are catching up. 


Russel Coight moment #2 – as we all queued for a RBT stop at the border there was a delay.  Wilson couldn’t find his driver’s licence so gave the police officer the gun licence instead which raised a few eyebrows. 

Hello Officer

We crossed the border into SA at noon and stopped at a lookout point to have lunch and try to spot a whale. 

The only whale we saw, but Ray and Toni had more luck

Couldn’t see any whales through all the flies (could barely see the ocean), so we moved on pretty quickly. We have started seeing a few Eagles fans trailing flags and scarves as they fly past to the finals. 

As many do, one traveller heading west commented how great it was to see these old cars that aren’t plastic and digital and isn’t it amazing they just keep going. Lovely sentiments, but he put the mockers on Sue and Nev in Nellie. who instantly broke a fan blade. Always happy to use his power tools, Darryl had the bonnet up and he and Nev patched up the minor damage and we were on our way again in about 10 minutes. 

Momentous occasion for the record books. Two, yes TWO of the touring party As overtook a mobile motor home. Unfortunately, the driver of the winnebago woke up soon after and overtook them back again in a very affronted fashion. So far we’ve only managed to overtake a group of 40 cyclists going to Queensland. Come to think of it, they passed us a few times too. 

*sigh* not a lot going on

Stopped at Nullabor for the night (gawd). Nev and Darryl replaced the fan blade and rebuilt the old water pump and replaced that too. Everyone was cooking up a storm to finish off their fruit and verges before quarantine. It was a very cold and windy night and everyone went to bed.  We’re planning on a later start tomorrow to give Glad and care a chance to catch up. 


Nothing to stop the desert wind at our campsite

Cold? Me? Not much.

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3 Responses to National Meet – the Trip day 4

  1. Horace and Jean says:

    The photo of ‘the convoy’ brought back many very happy memories. Even though it is cold it sounds like wonderful fun. Well done ‘mechanic Darryl.’

  2. Ian Steer says:

    very entertaining write-ups Tania – keep them coming 🙂

  3. Lorraine Piercy says:

    Loving your posts Tania. Brings back happy memories. X Mum

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