National Meet – the Trip day 3

It’s amazing how quickly an efficient camp can turn into a shanty town.

Today was driving Fraser Range to Madura. Overnight saw some unexpected lightening and rain, but all was dry and comfortable again come morning. Many of the travellers decided to get going early and had left by 7.30. Cooks and Horgans drove on ahead and the rest of us pootled along. It was a warm day and we covered about 430km overshooting the planned stop of Cocklebiddy (no hardship) for Madura. 

Madura was a nice stop with trees and shelter which was a change after the windy night before.  It was a beautiful, still and warm evening and the port flowed freely. We hope Des doesn’t suffer any discomfort today after having his arm twisted over the port refills. 

Some news we’re GLAD to hear is – the report of the Model A broken down near Southern Cross was greatly exaggerated and it arrived in Kalgoorlie to collect it’s cargo and is now continuing on. 

Vehicles are going well however Mahony’s A still managed to get a flat tyre without moving 1 foot from the trailer and Neville and Sues car got a new water pump at Madura with the kind regards of Nev, Darryl and Pete. 

Russell Coight moment #1 – To protect the innocent we will call the gentleman involved… hmm, let’s call him Wilson. 

So, the story is, Wilson was innocently filling up his Model A at Belladonia with precious $2.05 Fuel when he was approached by two lovely and charming lasses. They oohed and aaaghed (but not our hero being the manly type) and some distracting conversation ensured until, Pe… I mean, Wilson was chagrined to realise he was overflowing (his tank that is) and his very expensive fuel was running down the gutter!

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