National Meet – just waiting

Sad not Glad

You may recall that Glad was towed home from the Bay to Birdwood. Turns out the diff carrier was broken. A replacement carrier was found in Adelaide and was bought ‘Home’ to be inserted at Eardleys friends garage. The first test drive was undertaken at 5pm and the opinion was “it is good”.  Brett celebrated with an extra large whiskey.

Bringing a new diff home



Still fixing

Oh dear

The MB group spent the day touring Strathalbyn antique shops and a winery on the way home. Some have it tough!  

Returning to our caravan park it seems like a Henry Ford factory exploded. The place is lousy with Model As. We are the only Sandgropers in a camp of Queenslanders. They travel as a large group and have a shared kitty for catering expenses and designated chefs. 

Registration tomorrow. 

NOTE if you already read the B2B post, check back as I’ve added some ‘official’ pics although I couldn’t find them for all our club cars. Check out the run photos

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