The National Meet -day 3

Mandatory run today. As with all the information the SA committee has provided, the directions were excellent. We started in MB and wound our way through the Adelaide hills before stopping for morning tea at Mount Torrens. 

Cooks looking dapper

Here we go. Mandatory run to Mannum

IT WAS FREEZING. well, that isn’t strictly true, it was 7 degrees! Brass monkey weather and a lot colder than MB so most people weren’t dressed well. I pity the poor sods In the dicky seats and I’m eternally thankful I wasn’t one of them. It was cold enough in the Tudor that the engine didn’t get past tepid despite all the hills. Once we arrived at our stopping points, there was an unseemly rush for the toilets and coffee. Lord!

I told you it was cold

And down dale

And down dale

We continued on through beautiful scenery to the destination at Mannum. The bakery there got quite a hiding and the sun even showed its face briefly. Tonight, many of the attendees will be on the paddles steamer dinner cruise.  We headed straight back to camp as Darryl has fallen to the lurgy which is making the rounds. 

Mannum foreshore

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