Mt Augustus – Day 7

Yep. Birdy wake up call was useful and the Model As tore off at 7.30am!   Goes to show what a little motivation can do.

Morning tea was at a crossing of the Gascoyne River which was dry as most watercourses we’ve encountered. It’s had to imagine the region flooded, but the warnings signs and wide crossing hint at the changes after rain.

Lunch at the Mt Gould lockup and then on the road again heading south east towards a TV. A flat on Lizzie was quickly repaired by Des and we were on again. We’ve started encountering stretches of bitumen, but are sorely disappointed after each return to gravel.

Another flat for Mr Cook, on the F250 this time. Looks like a tent peg. Hopefully there’s no tent and camper stuck under there too!

Arrived in Meeka in time for kick-off after a cracking pace was set all day. Off to the Commercial Hotel

Apparently there was a delayed telecast, so all the rush for nothing. But not to be beaten, Eagles fans made do with a iPad and then a mobile phone to watch the live action instead.  By the looks of this photo the match had some ups and downs. 

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