Murray Bridge – final days.

Friday passed easily with motoring around MB and surrounds. Those that booked the Proud Mary paddle boat dinner/lunch enjoyed it. We booked for dinner which seemed like a good idea, but after the sunset, all we could see was our own reflections and it was too cold to go on deck. 


Darryl’s caught the flu so we spent a quiet day at the caravan park on Friday listening to the relaxing roar of jet boats out skiing on the first sunny day we’ve had. Saturday we parked down in the show and shine at Sturt Park with all the other 200 odd  As to make an awesome display, before regrouping for the presentation dinner. 

Happy Birthday Model A

SA committee outdid themselves. The food, company and entertainment was great. There was a lot of period costumes, laughs and dancing.

Westerns Australia attendees, 37 in total

Glad won the hard luck prize ( I’ll let you read previous posts for details) and Wayne and Anne Millman got the prize for the furtherest driven which we guess was based on the weeks of touring in circles they did before the meet. Young Emma and Philip Wringe won the prize for the best dressed juniors. 

Paul Kelly, Brett Pollock and Richard Allen — Hard luck award

Brett and ‘his staff’ were auctioneers for the night with Pete Eardley taking international phone bids. 

Most WA attendees are shooting off straight after breakfast. Many are heading on for additional touring and visiting of friends and family before heading home. Brett, Paul and Richard are primed and ready for the mad dash Home with others taking things a bit more relaxed. 

Glad and George, on the road again. Well, off the road actually.

At least everyone got away ok. A Qld attendee blew a head gasket in the car park at the farewell breakfast and the whole Qld touring party of 26 were heading back to the caravan park to checkin and open the workshop. 

Happy and safe travels everyone.

Thats it from me — out.

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    thanks for the great commentary Tania

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