Mt Augustus – Day 6

THOSE B!@@#/ BIRDS. Woken at the crack of dawn by raucous Korellas in the trees. Thousands of them squawking away fit to wake the dead. Even still it was a slow start to the day.

A bit of carpooling got most people out to Mt Augustus which dominates the view from the caravan park. It’s a nice drive around the base with roads in to points of interest. Lots of aboriginal rock carvings and beautiful ghost gums everywhere. Unlike Uluru which is a bare rock the slopes of Mt Augustus were well treed and lovely to walk amongst as the day was already heating up.


Back to the CP for lunch and a sit and chat and then a welding job on Eards’ teardrop who’s drawbar cracked on the rough roads of the last few days. The CP manager came through with some steel to create a patch. That done it was beer o’clock and soon dinner. Day done but not before two familiar faces arrived. Ian and Anne Steer arrived from Karijini. As the office was closed, we pointed them in the direction of Mrs Congeniality’s house and waited to see the reaction. It was as expected and we were at least reassured that it wasn’t only us she despised.

Mild panic was created when it was discovered by Eagles fans that tomorrow’s drive was actually 340km not 240km as originally thought.  The start time of 8.30am was hastily changed to 8am so we could get to Meekatharra in time for kickoff.

Looks like those birds will be needed after all.

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