Mt Augustus – Day 3 – Wednesday

Beautiful sunrise this morning – so I’m told. The fuel decanting and refueling started early and by nine we were all ready to go. Brett Pollock and Paul Kelly arrived at 9am from Wooleen completing the Touring Party.

Brett led the way and made some stops at areas of interest. 10.30pm was a morning tea stop on the roadside and various other travellers stopped for a look and chin-wag too. Lunch at Wooramel River crossing. You know we’re heading north, the T-shirt’s are out and the flies around. On the road again at 1.30pm for the 2nd half into The Gascoyne.

Trouble hit not long after when Neville and Sue lost the front right wheel  and ended up in the ditch. Fortunately no one was hurt. Darryl had a welder on the truck and soon welded the drum to the hub using 3 rocks as a work bench. Neville got Niftys front end jacked up while Kim fixed the brakes. All parties were running for parts, tools and bits and pieces to address the patch up job and Nifty was back on the road in about 90 minutes.

We arrived in Gascoyne Junction somewhat later than expected to find a complete schamozzle with the site bookings. The manager had left in recent weeks and most of our bookings were either wrong or missing altogether. However the temps were tops and got everyone settled sometimes three to a site to get us all in.

What a day, time for a beer and dinner in the bar.

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