Mt Augustus – Day 11 – FINAL

Up early to enjoy the rising sun and a lazy breakfast. Off to Menzies this morning. Not much going on here. We waited 30 minutes for the only coffee shop to open. There was quite a rush. A dog in the yard beside the shop took great offence at Ted encroaching on his doggy territory.

Tania Piercy and Darryl Freind

Ted Eardley giving the locals a rev up

Ted Eardley giving the locals a rev up

With our fix we then split up. The A’s we’re heading straight into Kal and Daz and I were going to the Menzies Cemetery and then Lake Ballard.

The cemetery was quite a ways from town, but I guess Menzies has shrunk a lot too. There were many tin grave markers which were sadly damaged. Apparently trinkets and momentous were kept in the glass front boxes which were cheaper than stone and often homemade.

Menzies Cemetery

Menzies Cemetery

Off to Lake Ballard but a bad time of day. It was hot by 11am and we only walked the closest statues. Someone could make a fortune hiring push bikes out there. Back to Menzies and on to Kal to meet up with the rest of the Touring Party for a farewell dinner (with one eye in the footy for some).

Lake Ballard – Inside Australia

This is where the last of the group split again. Eardleys and Seinors heading back to Esperance, Daz and I heading to Westonia then home via Toodyay and the rest to Merredin before splitting again.

Thank you to Wayne for suggesting the run and to everyone else for your company. It’s been a great fortnight.

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