Mt Augustus – Day 10

Had a leisurely start to the day nosing around Sandstone then headed passed Leinster (as you do ) and onwards. Today was Eards’ 72nd birthday and Kim intended to celebrate at the Kookynie pub and then a bush camp.

Rose between two thorns.

Everywhere we stopped the last few days people would say what a coincidence it was that they just saw some old cars like these yesterday! It’s good to know the first group is still motoring along happily ahead of us.

Stopped in Leonora to buy a birthday cake and had to hot-foot it back into the store as the birthday boy himself drove down the street. Fortunately he didn’t see us and the surprise party was still a surprise.

Gwalia miner’s shack museum

Gwalia miner’s shack museum

Daz and I had a quick sticky beak in at Gwalia and then on to catch up with the A’s at the Kookynie turn off. We arrived at the pub and had the requisite beer or two with the horse at the door. It was 5.30 feeding time by now and the bar lady warned us about him coz he got cranky. He was baring his teeth and nodding at the door quite vigorously, so I avoided him like the plague as I usually admire horses from afar. (As afar as possible).

Kim and Janette Seinor, Peter Eardley and Darryl Freind

It was dusk by now and we retraced our steps to Niagara Dam. Kim and Janette grew up in Kal so they know all the good spots and people along the way. We had the No Camping area to ourselves (being the only rebels in the region) and set up camp in a jiffy.

BBQ, cake, gifts, and bed time. It was a beautiful clear night with stars forever. Happy Birthday Peter.

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