Mid-west run, Day 3

A restful day in and around Dongara today. We started with the Dongara Museum, and then the helpful volunteer opened-up the old Russ Cottage for us just back over the bridge. (It’s a bit disturbing when lots of the stuff in museums isn’t that strange to you!).

After Russ Cottage, most cars headed north towards Geraldton and had lunch at the historic Greenough Village. After lunch, some people looked around the village, while others headed back to Dongara and people tended to do their own thing for the rest of the afternoon.

– and that’s about that for the day. Tomorrow Dalwalinu beckons.

Russ Cottage, Dongara


Dongara Museum


our caravan park is relying heavily on big rocks for it’s King Canute act


the grey shade in the trees is bird poo from the roosting darters and cormorants


today’s short travels

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