Mid-West run day 1

Model A mid-west run, Day 1: Today was a short 200km run to Wongan Hills. I think it was about 30 degrees – and that is enough in a Model A.

Six Model As, an FB Holden and a “modern” left Midland at 9am, and had morning tea in Toodyay where we were joined by the Bristow-Staggs in another Model A. Next stop was Goomalling for lunch, and an early knock-off in Wongan Hills before 2:30. There were a couple of hiccups along the way: the Fowler’s points needed a tweak, and the Paisley’s fuel filter needed hurling in the bush, but no major dramas (Alan Jeffree to the rescue – including a tune-up for the Fowler’s car in the Wongan Hills Hotel car park).

A wander around the main street for some, then an early dinner for all in the pub – ready for an early start on a long day to Dongara tomorrow.

Today’s travels
Only 2 heads fitted under this bonnet
Wongan Hills pub
Refuelling at Wongan Hills
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