Day two Karalee Rocks To Laverton

DSCN5860DAY 2 – Karalee Rocks to Laverton.

All were awaken this morning at 4-45am to a rousing rendition by Brett of “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” Needless to say the rest of the camps occupants were also impressed.

After breakfast the group headed towards Kalgoorlie continuing the adventure. About 20km down the road “GLAD” experienced some trauma with grinding noises from the water pump.  Retribution for the mornings’ early wake up call. Water pump was duly changed with all mechanics on the scene offering advice and support.

Shortly after Neil in” MERV” developed a flat tire which was changed in no time. Not the end of problems for “MERV” however as distributor developed an intermittent fault and the car could not travel more than 60kmh. Side of the road surgery occurred and the dizzie was swapped under the able guidance of Alan Jefferies. Neil’s cars are developing a reputation!!

Uneventful  travel to Coolgardie and on to Kalgoorlie for refuel and resupply.

Continued on to Menzies where Des Addison and Pete and Kaye Eardley joined the group. Now the group is complete 5 Model A Fords and 4 moderns.

After a quick lunch headed towards Leanora and then to Laverton caravan Park for a nice communal BBQ in the camp kitchen.  Completed 470 kms.

Tomorrow the journey will continue towards the Northern Territory border and the start of the unsealed section of the road.

Tomorrow and the next day we maybe unable to update the blog due to being in the outback of Australia where we will be without internet coverage, but we hope the WEST COAST Eagles win without our support (from Brett and Alan).


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