Day Three – Kumarina to Auski roadhouse [250km]

Early start at Kumarina; we are now in the true Pilbara, a good season with green spinafex, all in flower and looks great. Flocks of budgies and finches flying through the mountainous Hammersly ranges and Munjini gorge –  beautiful country . Clouds of budgies, lots of wedge-tail eagles .

Cars: no major mechanical problems. When the wind got behind us they averaged over 70kms, even GLAD got up speed. Colin’s car has an interior light failure, GLAD’s horn will not stop honking so it has been disconnected. Alan got GLAD’s Navman going and now we know our speed fuel consumption. All the cars are averaging 250km per 40 lt. tank except Peter’s Phaeton 1928 pulling a small caravan, which does 160km to a tank.

Called into Newman for Brett to get computer lessons, we rattled the RFDS cans. Bob the Gardener – we are worried about him – he hasn’t stopped smiling all the trip. Alan has extreme concerns about a bush fire that is threatening his caravan park at Enneaba. Peter cooked lunch on his manifold bake oven with great success; we all had sausage and onion sandwiches. Frank and Colin heated up Debbie’s mince for dinner with Carrots Julienne and Spuds [refer to Frank’s Nursing Mothers Cook Book] all helped down by Johnnie Walker. On to Auski Roadhouse to refuel. Camped down the road as the Auski would not give Seniors’ Discount to Anthony.

Bush camp: [see photo of Peter in the shower] the mozzies lifted Frank and his bed across the N/W hwy, a few spots of rain got Col, Brett, Frank and Alan up at 2AM and we are now doing the Blog as we needed a cuppa. We noticed at this hour Reg’s caravan had a sign on the door – No Entry. It’s now 4am and Frank has not stopped telling True Stories, Bob the Gardener has now joined us, it helps share the mozzies.




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