Day Six – Broome to Fitzroy Crossing

Frank cooked a great mince spag meal; delicious. Note Eagles scarf. Was useful as air-conditioning device.

It is 7.30am, the timing gear in Peter Eadleys 1928 Phaeton is out. Missing photo id It has stripped the centre, the gear had been repaired with a lot of Araldite, put in a new aluminium gear – amazing!  Looks as though we will be away by lunch.  Weather beautiful,  light breeze to keep humidity down. We are catching up on washing and car checking.

All cars got away at 9.45am.

Left Roebuck roadhouse after installing new timing gear in Peter’s A, heading up to Wilare bridge for lunch, introduced Jack Burton who owns the roadhouse and most of the Fitzroy basin. We are in the true Kimberleys; boab trees and green cane grasses everywhere. The cattle are now all Brahmans for export toAsia/Indonesia. We crossed the Fitzroy river which is running a banker after recent 10 inch rains. All the A’s now have their front windscreen propped open for better air flow in these humid conditions; this actually keeps us cool as the air flows around us rather than in the face.

Anthony  had a water pump problem; we repacked the pump and away we went , then Bob had a flat and Glad had a fuel blockage solved with a exchange carby, all went well and we have reached Fitzroy Crossing . At the roadhouse Peter was offered barrumundi from some aboriginal ladies but he got cold feet as they wanted him to go down the river .

Found a friendly local who offered his yard for us to camp in with toilets and shower and security. We are over 2500 kms from Perth and 4200 kms from Ipswich – over 1/3 of the way. Country is now open grasslands, wet soil , flowing rivers and very humid. The mozzies  are so thick they have carried away all of the snakes.

This is an insectivorous plant; it eats insects.

Hopefully an early start tomorrow.


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