Day Seven – One week out, Fitzroy Crossing to Kununurra

We left Fitzroy Crossing at 6.15am after a eventful night for the light sleepers: a noisy drunken party 300 m. away, 10 gunshots at 2am, one road train drove by with 2 flat tyres [very noisy]. Otherwise a great stay.

Heading to Hall’s Creek for lunch stop, country different again, long grasses and spinafex very green with some beautiful granite outcrops. All cars travelling well with minor adjustments, water pump adjusting, starter motor sticking etc.  Allen picked a posie of flowers for Frank [see photo below].

Smoko on the road Colin and Frank.

We saw many animals; brolgas, jaburu’s, dingoes, bastard turkey, frilled neck lizards, and many more. We went through Turkey Creek and past Lake Argyle and over the diversion dam wall holding back lake Kununara [which is technically the Ord River] and into Kununurra townsite by 6pm. Met on the road by Col’s freind Bill who escorted us to a great industrial shed for our use [thanks to Direct Drilling]. Includes showers, kitchen, toilets, and room for the cars and us to camp in the shed. Also, gear and work space to work on our cars tomorrow, which is a lay day. [His work team had a BBQ cooked and ready when we arrived; great hospitality in the north].

We completed over 600kms today; Katherine will be half way. Bob’s car had its starter motor fall apart, hope to fix [he has the crank as a fall back], but all the cars travelled well. Colin is concerned with an engine vibration, will sort out tomorrow. I don’t think Henry Ford used a GPS. Great for speed, distance, time, next fuel [note the aircon is on 2 inches].

Guess who in the photos is the home-cooked bikkie supplier. Reg found a  hammer in the bush. Domestic violence joke removed by Editor.


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