Day Nine – Kununurra to Katherine

Had a 6AM start in the cars from Kununara with a large monsoon to the north.  We headed east to Timber  Creek with few problems [GLAD’s senior mechanic changed the carby over in record-breaking time of 3 minutes using gloves due to extreme heat]

Water flows across the road, beautiful country, high cliffs with striated rock formations and green grasses , eucalypts and still boab trees. Water everywhere. We headed across the border into NT and made for Victoria River easily. After lunch, headed into Katherine, through some heavy rain and arrived about 5pm.  We booked into a caravan park; some camping, some in aircon chalets.  Off to the RSL club for dinner.

Another 500kms completed and now half way to Ipswich. Heavy rain tonight and the boys have seen their first cane toads – by the thousands. Colin needs a new manifold, Anthony has a fuel consumption problem, and GLAD needs a carby clean. Also, her Klaxon  horn has burnt out; all good fun. The change in time has put us all out of whack [1 1/2  hours].

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