Day Four – Auski to Pardoo Station [Eighty Mile Beach]

Good camp out near Auski, mozzies bad. Off through the Chichester range and some beautiful open spinafex country, easy drive to Port Hedland, 250 km. Looked around Hedland and caught up on our phone calls home. Weather  humid and thunderstorms. Had our first rain, lovely in hot weather; cyclone forming off Cocos Island so we will go North then East up the Fitzroy to get out of its way. Col Davidson broke a fan belt and replaced it ASAP. Bob the Gardener  changed his plugs for fun.


Left Port Hedland with Alan still with us in body. Encounted our first thunderstorm, cars appreciated the cooling and the team did not get very  wet ,Alan a little bit. Drove into Pardoo Stationstay 13km dirt road a great stay ,beds for 80 people plus camping, Colin and frank took executive suites and we camped. On the way in Bob lost the drain plug on his carburettor, he wittled a wooden plug knocked it in and drove on [see photo] ,climate now very tropical, country open plains of spinafex and perennial grasses as far as the eye can see, fantastically green. Pardoo carries 7000 cattle all Santa Gertrudis. Had a hearty meal at the restaurant and rattled the RFDS tins the 50 miners staying gave generously, thanks men.

To donate to the RFDS online go and quote ref GLAD.



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