Day Five – Pardoo to Broome

The Team at Pardoo

We started the day at Pardoo Station.  They allowed us to use the station work shop and pit, so we checked all the cars top to bottom, and effected repairs to GLAD who needed a new exhaust gasket. Colin’s car also needs an exhaust gasket but he likes the sound it makes! Made a new plug for Bob’s carby; he carries a complete spare carby also but did not want to put it on [?]

Then we lined up for a photo shoot for the Pardoo people and off down the wet dirt road  to the hwy. Stopped at Pardoo Roadhouse for fuel and headed for  the Sandfire/Broome turnoff.

Allan wants everyone in the world to know a lot of different wattles are in flower adding colour to the landscape as he thinks most people on this trip have not noticed. Stopped at Pardoo Roadhouse, fueled up  – $2.59 per litre. Then onto Sandfire Roadhouse for a lunch stop via one of Colin’s artesian bores, very interesting.  Pity some members cannot read tracks – had a 10km detour [?????] Now into true Kimberley.  Cane grass country with open flats and miles of green grasses, fantastic flat cattle country. As the sun set we had a true N/W thunderstorm to our north and the full moon rising in the east. Beautiful.

Arrived at Broome turnoff Roebuck Roadhouse and the rain started. Some camped and some moved into dongas 1st class. We all purchased a meal and then found that Peter’s Phaeton would not start; we suspect a timing gear has stripped, will find out tomorrow. We have a spare but if it has to happen can’t think of a nicer place than Broome to have a delay.  Also Bob’s stick is still in the carby, he says it drips a little.

Mechanic Brett [thanks to Colin’s expertise

Bob the Gardener, or carby whittler

The real mechanic Colin, working on GLAD

Reg and Coral are in the red Landy and caravan, he is tail-end-Charlie mechanic and Coral is good for a cuppa anytime,maybe a home- made cookie as well, keeping up easily.  I think Reg enjoys the trouble-shooting.

Cyclone appears to be no threat at this stage.

Picture of chap with arms folded is Bob the Banker [Peter Eadley’s ex- friend; may have something to do with the shower photo earlier].

Roebuck Plains and thunderstorm over Broome








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