Day 6 = Docker River To Yulara

Day 6 Docker River to Yulara

Broke camp about 8am and headed  towards the Olgas’ and the bitumen some 200 km away. Road conditions OK as the grader had just passed. An uneventful day with a brief stop on the road for morning tea. “Merv” continued to be a pain with backfiring will diagnose further at camp to-night Arrived at the Olgas’ mid afternoon and spent some time walking. Onward to Uluru and finally the bitumen. Spent some time touring and then booked into the Yulara caravan park for our overnight stay. Civilisation at last and a proper shower was most welcome! The days travel – 255 km.

Finally Australia’s Longest Short Cut completed without major incident, not even a flat tyre. A true testament to the resilience of these old cars and also members of the groupDSCN6027DSCN6035DSCN6051

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