Day 4 Tjukayirla to Warburton.

DSCN5929Day 4 Tjukayirla to Warburton.

Great night at the roadhouse, hot showers friendly manager and a TV room to watch the seasons end for the Dockers.

8-30 start towards Warburton and all cars are running well. Uneventful drive to Warburton for a refuel arriving about 2-30pm. Decided to push on and find a suitable campsite for the night. Some drama with Ian sredding a tyre on his trailer and Bob the Banker picked a rock through the rear passenger window of his ute.

The group stopped at great camp site some 60km east of Warburton after total travel for the day some 305km. Settled in for the night gathering around the camp fire to listen to the Eagles North Melbourne game. Go the Eagles!!DSCN5915

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  1. Great to see an Eco Billy in action in Wa. And a bloke checking the temperature.
    To be sure to be sure.
    I got my Eco Billy from a Guy in Orange NSW who I met about 15 years ago in Kununurra. And me?? Michael Meyer ( German) living in Tasmania.
    Now there you go. All the best to you all from Tasmania.
    Cheers Michael

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