Day 22 Rally eve Ipswich

Surgeon Reg on completing operation.

Look away if you are squeamish.

All cars and owners relaxing except Glad. Cars being tidied up and the team are at the showgrounds tidying up cars, themselves, and the camp. Glad went under the spanner Saturday. We found 3 burnt out exhaust valves [hence power in 1 cylinder]  and the timing gear very loose and stretching the guide holes [hence the backfiring].  Amazing she got us here. Surgery completed and being sown up today; should be mobile and hooting by lunchtime.  We adapted 3 old valves and inserted a new timing gear.  We cannot thank enough the Qld blokes in the breakdown area for their enthusiasm to help but surgeon REG would have gone on till midnight to finish the operation. Even Brett was promoted with 2 merit awards by Reg  – [a great honour for an ex- sheperd]  for inserting some valve springs. Allan the ex tool -maker was in the thick of it and appreciating the honour of assisting surgeon Reg, but understanding why he gave the tools away years ago.

The two proud Dads .Glad running better than ever thanks to Reg and the QLd club members . Ready for the down hill run home across the Nullabor starting on 31st march.

Thanks to TELSTRA for sponsoring this blog and please donate to the RFDS via and use ref GLAD. Will be back online on 31st.

Regards Brett


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