Day 19 – MItchel to Miles

We had a slow start and a visit to Athol Laycock  who is 92 and has a great collection of very special Fords, including Model A, Model T, 1934 V8 and many more all in magnificant order, and is restoring a Harley with side car for him to ride. We had a very pleasant hour and presented him a club calendar; a fine gentleman.

Glad has 2 cylinders operating and a death rattle when idling, but she continues to move East slowly on the hills; 2nd gear only once today.  Colin threw a front wheel bearing and had to have some machining done to get on his way. Two hours later good old Frank stayed with him while we battled more rain and some head winds; completed 220 kms. Only 311 kms to Ipswich. We think Glad has burnt valves on 2nd and 4th  cylinders and has a broken valve spring that is clattering [??].  Reg has been appointed head surgeon for Monday’s heart operation. Ipswich operating theatre is being prepared by Rally Director Les Duncan.

A long wait at roadworks near Roma.  Note the Toyoya with caravan belongs to John Wood, a friend I have not seen for 40 years, now tagging along with us. Roads are under repair and lots of delays; slow going, even water across the roads. on one roadworks Anthony ute had vaporation on the actual one lane bypass Allan jumped out to help and eventually got it going and Allan jumped onto the running board while antonny proceeded to drive 7kms with Allan still hanging on for dear life and reliving his youth, at the next town Ant stopped and wondered why Allan looked so white in the rain.

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