Day 18 – Augathella to Charleville onto Mitchell

A  great old country pub with hearty meals . A short day [100 kms ] to check cars and prepare for the run into Ipswich – about 800kms. Still no sunshine. Well we changed the plan after we visited Warrego motors and assessed that Glad needed to get to Ipswich to have new valves fitted; amazingly Glad has been running on 2 cylinders for the last 2000kms  [what modern car would do this] – only steep hills and severe head winds slowed her up. The 2012 Rally Director is organizing the breakdown workshop to have a reservation for Glad, who drove from Gladstone  to Perth in 2009. Now she is back in Qld, but a bit tired; one steep hill out of Charleville she was in 2nd gear at 38kms. All cars went well today as we did about 380 kms. We have completed tonight 6380kms; only 570 kms to go. One flat tyre today. Had a good look around Charleville a great old wool town, but it still rained all day and the Qld roads did their best to try to shake our Model As to bits but to no avail. Reg in the support pensioner caravan also got a flat tyre.

Now in Mitchel caravan park and we are all in accommodation due to the persistent rain. Bob the banker could not stop at the smoko stop as he forgot to hit the brakes. Does not stop when you hit the clutch, Bob! We heard his scream as they sailed past narrowly missing a parked Model A. Bob the whitler still has the stick as a plug in his carby[?] but the tyre he fixed last night was flat in the morning. Practise makes perfect.

Please donate to the RFDS on to support a good cause using ref. GLAD. Thankyou.

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