Club attendance Ipswich

There will be 16 Western Australian Model A club member families attending at the 2012 Rally in Ipswich.

Three member families are trailering their Model  A’s to Qld: Ray/Toni Mahony ,Barry/ Sylvia Bristow-Stagg and Wes Hartley/Beverley Biggs and Ian/Dianne Paisley are towing a caravan across to Qld.

Dean and Jenni Roberts are flying over  – hope they wave to us as they fly by.

A team of 4  families are trailering to Adelaide and then driving to Ipswich: Hans/Glenda Hurij are trailering to and from Adelaide, John/Kaye Cook are trailering to and from Adelaide, Peter Sartori and Alan/Edith Jeffree are flying to Adelaide.  All these will link up in Adelaide and drive to Ipswich as a group.

In Ipswich on 25th March, hopefully the Around the Top mob of 7 [the team] will meet up with the rest of the WA contingents and we will swap stories . The Around the Top Mob have been asked by the Rally Organizers to make a power point presentation on the Trip to the Rally on the First night’s BBQ. It will be great fun.


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