Day 3 Laverton To Tjukayirla

Day 3 Laverton To Tjukayirla

The adventure continues. Not such an early start this morning and the opportunity taken to reprovision at the local IGA and refuel. The group assembled 9-30am at the turnoff to the start of the Great Central Highway with great excitement and anticipation. The days destination,  Tjukayirla Roadhouse some 303 km east.

Road condition was acceptable with minor corrugations but plenty of red dust. Plain sailing! Not to be. The first breakdown some 10km down the road with “Merv” Backfiring and lack of power. Concensus was to change the dizzie and “Merv continued for another two kilometres before succumbing. Change the carby was the decision. Onward again. And so on for another four stops with various tweaking. Finally “Merv” was going and with a sigh of relief the group continued hoping to get to the roadhouse before dark and to catch the Dockers football match.

Unfortunately “Glad” developed a problem with the fan binding on the water pump housing. No quick fix so the fan belt was removed and “Glad” limped on. Brett’s cars seem to be jinxed!!

Some 40 km from the roadhouse Pete Eardley in “Grandma” was having problems with contaminated fuel but managed to make the roadhouse just after dusk.

After a long dayl the group settled down for a well earned beer  and a hot shower. The next morning reserved for car maintenance as the fuel bowsers opened at 9AM. We anticipate making the Northern Territory border tomorrow some 400KM

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