One week to go

GLAD ready for the trip Around the Top End.

The team have their Model A cars serviced and checked for tyres, timing, compressions, greased bearings, oils correct levels, lights working correctly. Spares packed:  distibutor , carby, plugs, head gasket, bearings, water pump, plus fan, radiator hoses,fan belt, tyre repair gear, spare tubes, tools, jack, crank handle, wheel brace, tow rope [for the pessimistic], globes, spare tyres (2) and a spare engine crated up just in case it needs to be freighted anywhere in Australia, 2 x 20 litre fuel cans  (car only has a 40 litre tank that gives one 250km range, some fuel stops are 450 km apart) matches, ASPRO.

Then there is the personal bag, swag, water bag, head torches, esky, food, whisky [snake bite] 1st Aid kit, computer, mobile, Sat phone [thank you Telstra] 12volt inverter to 240v, chairs, table, tarp for shade or rain, UHF radio, car radio and CD player, fox tail, promotional stickers for RFDS , ROTARY and Mens Sheds , as well as the RFDS collection tins to rattle, pack of cards, bush poems rehearsed , etc.

The camp trailer has the camp, table, food, cooking pots, frypans and utensils, 240 volt generator, repair gear, trolley jack, water for cooking and drinking, spare fuel cans, stretchers, A bar [for towing] hot plate,  gas stove, billys, camp oven , lights , 1st Aid, and more spares.

Dont forget you can donate to RFDS on .au and quote ref  “GLAD” this will go to Flying 1000 Equipment Fund which we are supporting. Thanks.

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