Mt Augustus – Day 4&5

A rest day today and a nice day for it. Overcast but comfortable. Everyone got domestic and a few took short tours around ‘town’ although there is very little here, the countryside is stunning. Lots of teas was drunk and stories told and some may have even been true.

Dinner at the hotel was fantastic, so good in fact that many went both nights of our stay.

Sadly, Sue and Nev will be going home from Gascoyne Junction on a tilt tray. To be clear, they will be in the cab and Nifty will be on the tray. Despite being able to drive into GJ on Wednesday, Nifty was considered too dangerous to continue. RAC to the rescue. So, Sue and Nev waved The Touring Party off early Friday after a photo shoot in front of the pub and the Admin offices for the shire.

Brett gave a running commentary about the land as we headed north beside the Kennedy Ranges towards Mt Augustus. A much warmer drive for the A’s with 30 degrees by 11am, but we’re telling them it’s only 25.

35 degrees after the lunch stop. Brett was looking for some mythical oasis he remembered, but we ended up on the side of the road all crowded under the one tree.

Stopped at an old shearing shed and quarters for a quick interest stop and then on to Cattle Pool. Beautiful spot and a true oasis. We would have stayed longer but the sun was heading down and our convoy was cluttering up the car park for this popular spot. Darryl and Johnno made short work of a type change in the Cooks van and we were off.

Arrived Mt Augustus CP at 4.50pm and was checked in by Mrs Congeniality. The park had nice green lawns which was welcome after all the red dust. Although, heaven help you if you drove on them.

After a few convivial wines and dinner it was off to bed early for all.

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