MARC WA parts store

Members can access parts by contacting Daniel Pinnington to arrange a suitable time to visit the shed and inspect the part they are looking for.   The cost of parts is by negotiation, and while the club is not looking to make a fortune it does expect a fair payment taking into consideration the condition and availability of the same part elsewhere.

Note: parts are available only to club members to purchase.

Shelving Bay ONE
11 solid rear engine mounts
4 oil pumps & 1 oil filler tube
1 front engine mount
2 uni joint housings (early)
1 rear gearbox housing to uni joint
4 axle tubes
assorted torque tube, trans housing parts & brakes
6 starters—not complete
8 front spindles (stub axles)
3 front guard brackets pressed
6 front guard brackets forged
2 battery carriers
1 diff spider housing
2 front spring perches
1 container of wheel nuts
7 one piece brake cross shafts
12 two piece brake shafts
7 clutch pedals—round
1 clutch pedal—oval
1 brake pedal—round
4 flywheel housings
1 pr front bumper brackets
2 pieces of rear bumper
2 front u bolt plates
1 crank handle guide
2 left hand steering arms
3 right hand steering arms

Shelving Bay TWO
1 steering wheel—6 splines (rough)
4 gearbox castings & 1 complete single plate gear box
1 bell housing RHD multi clutch housing with pedals
1 multidisc clutch assembly— useable
1 transmission tower and gear shift
1 input shaft- single plate for gearbox
2 front hubs & steel brake drums-1 complete 1 no studs
2 plain hubs without drums
1 bonnet 28/29
1 chassis rear spring section only
1 Tudor windscreen frame
1 set Tudor steel trim for roof vinyl
1 left and right windscreen supports 28/29 cowl
1 pair special coupe door trim set above door
1 Tudor windscreen frame inside panel
1 28/9 cowl to fuel tank cross bar
1 seat retainer Phaeton
3 zenith carby tops
1 distributor casting only
3 window regulators
1 accelerator pedal & bracket
1 number plate & light frame
assorted window regulators and handles
1 radius rod front Model A
2 dashboard rails 28/29
1pr bonnet catch rails

Shelving Bay THREE
1 uni joint
2 front brake drums (POOR)
1 bottom housing of two tooth steering box
2 “B/C” engine starter housing pieces
2 7 tooth steering box columns & bits
2 single plate flywheels
1 multi plate flywheel—poor
6 diff housings halves
2 multi plate clutch housings
6 wheels—3 late and 3 AR (all poor)
1 crankshaft wrapped in cloth
8 backing plates front some complete
1 small bag of gear box bits
1 bag of front wheel internal bits
1 bag of multi plate bits
1 bag of clutch bits
3 bags of rear brake parts
1 plastic tub of miscellaneous bits
4 intake manifolds, one modified for twin carbies
3 half circle tin covers for bottom of clutch housing
9 four blade fans with pulleys
4 timing gear covers + 2 small end covers
1 power house gen—poor condition

Space next to Bay THREE
1 good uni joint
2 front brake drums –poor
1 bottom housing 2 tooth steering box
2 B/C starter housing pieces
4 original shockies with arms
2 7 tooth steering columns + bits
3 single plate flywheels

Shelving Bay FOUR
9 brake cross shafts
6 rear axles
1 AR brake drums
3 engine front gear cast covers
8 Model A heads
1 Model B heads
4 valve covers, early
6 early oil return pipes
3 drag links
differential gears
Assorted brake parts and pedals
Rear emergency brake carriers
1 windscreen pillar 28/29 phaeton/roadster
1 dash instrument cover plate
1 wind wing brackets
6 rear axle hubs
1 Phaeton door latch
2 rear engine mounts backing plates
1 distributor advance retard plate
2 camshafts
4 battery carriers
Assorted hood bows –28/29

In the corner of the shed
5 steering track rods
4 torque tubes
2 front axles, one with 1 stub
5 rear radius rods
1 28/29 h/light bar
1 light switch rod

Outside of shed – West side
1 Front axle assembly mostly complete but no perches, spring or A frame
2 single plate flywheels
1 Rear diff assembly but no spring