Day Eight – RDO

TODAY is a maintenance day; we worked on all of the cars and got them ready for an early start for Katherine, 500kms.  Colin is concerned about the vibration in his car; we fixed 2 starter motors, 2 mufflers, tightened many nuts, tail in tail out, fixed tyres, serviced and repaired tyres, adjusted steerings, rested drivers and did our washing.  Cooking Frank’s pattie recipe prepared by Brett should be good.

We all went sight-seeing when we fueled up ready for the early start; must get over the fords [running water on the road] before any more rain; there will be water in many floodways . Could be a interesting day. The proof of the meal is in the eating; all the patties were eaten and none left over, even followed by fruit and icecream. We need to depart early as there is a tropical monsoon close to the north and will be a cyclone soon, need to get inland to Katherine and south by tomorrow or the roads could be closed. Club president Allan Jeffries told us of Ray and Toni Mahoney’s accident with their trailored Model A – bad luck.  Glad they are continuing to Ipswich.

We must thank Direct Drilling for their friendship and access to all of their work shops and facilities; a very impressive drilling company.

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