Day 20 – Eucla to Norseman

Madura Pass

Madura Pass

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Another big day planned. All agreed to press on as far as we can and try for Fraser Range or Norseman. Depending on the cars. Broke camp early and on the road by 6-30am. Ian and Gary pushed on ahead of the group as Gary is due to start work in two days. Big thanks to them both for their participation and comradeship.

Easy travelling with little to break the monotony other than refuelling stops at various roadhouses along the way.

Madura Pass was impressive and Alan positioned himself for a photo shoot to capture the “A”’s as they drove through.

Even “Merv” performed at least for most of the morning then some of the old symptoms appeared. Coughing and spluttering, loss of power etc. After deliberating a quick condenser change seemed to do the trick.

We also noticed some uneven tyre wear on “Merv” so Peter performed an alignment at Madura and “Merv” was once again ready to go. Neil noticed an immediate improvement in steering.

As he cars were once again performing it was agreed to try and reach Norseman for the evening stop. We pulled into the town about 6-15 after a huge day travelling 633km.

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