Day 11 – Three Ways to Camooweal, Queensland

In the early hours at Three Ways camp it rained very heavily.  Some were prepared and some not. Colin was seen sitting up in bed with an umbrella to keep the rain off; it didn’t work.  He then got under a tarp and sweated so much he got wetter; needless to say he did not get much sleep. Frank slept in the driver’s seat of his car.

When the sun came up we packed up and headed for the Qld border, running in and around heavy thunderstorms. Smoko at Barkley homestead, very nice property; still in spinafex and open tree terrain. Onto the Queensland border by late arvo; all cars performing well but not liking  a strong headwind. The younger members decided to tune Anthony’s ute, with manual out, in a rain storm. The photos say it all.

With the help of the older club members Col and Reg, the car was tuned and on its way to the border and into Camooweal for the night. Some camping,  some in dongas.  450 kms completed and 2/3 of the trip to Ipswich completed.  Glad’s starter packed it in and she had to be pushed – started all afternoon, easier than cranking. Peter got a flat tyre but all cars going well. Great to be in Queensland; less than 2000kms to go. Will fix Glad’s starter in morning and then to Mt Isa to play tourists and visit RFDS base. Please give generously to  and thank you again Telstra for supplying the equipment to do this blog.

Grumpy Alan


Barkley Hwy where we cut Frank’s Birthday Fruit Cake – delicious!

The Young Guns

Rain Mechanics

A welcome sign at sunset; note the treeless grass plains

Bob, Peter and Banker Bob

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