National Meet – the Trip day 7

Peter and Kay shot off early to take Neville to the Whyalla airport. Sadly there is a family emergency and Nev is flying home. Sue will continue on and now has Paul as copilot. Brett says he paid her to take him off his hands. 

Before leaving town we had a quick look at the silo art and big galah. Speaking of big things, so far we’ve seen the big camera, big kangaroo and the big whale which was big, but ultimately quite small if you see what I mean. The big galah was big, but looked like it had mange.  

Silo art in Kimba

Drove straight through Port Augusta (no loss) and on to lunch in Melrose. We’ve cut across the hills away from the main highway which was madness with trucks and kamikaze drivers. At the first incline Sue and copilot Paul had an advance rod come off and needed a patch to get up and over the hills. 

Up, up, up.

Once in the valley, it was a great relief and the scenery changed dramatically. One picturesque town after another.  While sitting in a cafe having lunch in Melrose, who should drive by, but Reg and Coral. They didn’t see us but Reg sniffed out the A’s and was parked with us on our return to the cars.  

Wheat, canola and even lupins all all ok, but finally a crop I can get excited about.

We’ve been offered an overnight with Kay’s sister and brother in law Murray and Ann who have a farm on the way to MB. This will be our last night together as some are going direct to Adelaide, others to MB and others who are touring a bit longer. 

No Russell Coight moments today. I think the touring party has worked out I’m telling tales and are on their best behaviour.

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