National Meet – the Trip day 2

Tailgate kitchen

Goldfields pipeline

Early start with the road trains in Southern Cross today. Camp breakfast and then down to the local foodland for the essentials we left at home. (Salt and pepper). Even without these, we had a great steak and veg dinner last night if I do say so myself. Chocolate slice for dessert which was meant to last us until SA, but won’t make it to Norseman at this rate. Brett will be disappointed, but more on that later. 

Horgan’s at Coolgardie

Made tracks to Coolgardie for morning tea with Mahony’s and Horgan’s  (both towing their A’s) and then on to Norseman for lunch. The weather is unexpectedly warm after all the minimums in the minus for the previous week. A steady drive with no problems and only the sound of the hilux guzzling fuel to keep us entertained. 

Arrived mid afternoon to a Model A reunion at Fraser Range. However after walking to each site, the place was abandoned. Eventually found everyone in the break room glued to the tele and THE GAME.  Des Addison and Nev and Sue Swindell came across via Ravensthorpe (driving), Kay and John Cook (towing), Peter and Kay Eardley (driving) with our Perth group that’s now 13 of us. 

We can highly recommend Fraser Range Station Stay. A very nice place for a stopover. 

Fraser Range

After coming back from dinner at the station, we noticed that Chris, Leanne and kids had also stopped in too overnight bringing our total to 17.

Fraser Range

It seems like everyone is making their own way across the nulllabor; not that there is many alternatives but everyone has a different driving pace and accommodation needs. So we’re quite scattered. 

Rumour has is that our planned stop for Sunday night has suffered a fire yesterday (the travellers grapevine is an awesome thing). This may be grossly exaggerated and we won’t know until we get there. Stories range from inflammatory words to the place being razed to the ground. 

Another tale we heard is that there’s a broken down Model A near Southern Cross. Not sure if this is true either, but I’d be GLAD if it’s not. Could I also say I’m GLAD we haven’t broken down yet. And if this turns out to be an exaggeration I’d be GLAD that you didn’t repeat it. 

That’s it for now

Tania and Daz. 

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2 Responses to National Meet – the Trip day 2

  1. Horace and Jean says:

    We are totally jealous but GLAD that you are all having fun. Thanks for doing this Tania, we can live the trip through your comments.
    Hi to everyone, pleased to see that the Mahony’s and their bus are part of your convoy.
    I rang Lorraine and had a lovely chat to her today.
    Love to all.

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