National Meet – the Bay to Birdwood

The night before the B2B we all stayed close to Glenelg. Des, Daz, Tania, Cooks and Horgans all stayed in the awesome Oaks Plaza right on the beach. Glamorous. We checked in (Des arrived later) , stowed the cars in secure parking and ambled off for lunch. It’s like herding cats, but we eventually decided on a great restaurant on the pier and were back in time for Jimmy Barnes singing in the Grand Finals at the hotel pub. 

Not being a fan of footy, I couldn’t work out who was batting and who was fielding, so left after the first quarter. You all know how that game finished. Eardleys, Des and Brett, Paul and Richard all celebrated a little too much at a friend of Eards where they stayed the night before. More on this later. 

We all started the day of the B2B early with many of us togged up in costume for the occasion. Darryl and I held up the procession a bit by spending too much time admiring the other cars and not realising we were scheduled to go. But go we went. It was a great drive up though the hills to Birdwood with spectators lining the roads nearly the entire way. The finish line had fantastic entertainment, much mutual admiration and of course the excellent museum. 

Bob and Marilyn Horgan and Kay and John Cook.

Darryl Freind and Tania Piercy


Tania and Daz on the B2B

Eards’s and Wilson

Brett, Richard and Glad

Cooks at the start line.

Russell Coight moment #4 –  Brett succumbed and ‘napped’ for about 90 minutes on the lawns at Birdwood. To put the image below into perspective, I should have panned out a bit to show the 10m exclusion zone between a dozing Brett and the happy families, romping children, picnicking couples and band. “Don’t look at the strange man darling and eat your sandwiches”. 

When a nanny nap calls…..

After arriving back in Murray Bridge, Daz had the call, “we’ve broken down and think it’s the uni joint”. Brett, Paul and Richard got Glad towed back to Eards friends house where there is a workshop available to apply some triage. At time of writing, we’re not sure what’s wrong or if it’s been fixed. 

We have a quiet day tomorrow before the registration on Tuesday. More then. 

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  1. Horace and Jean says:

    Thanks Tania. Lovely outfits and gorgeous cars. Poor Glad.

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