Brief History of the MODEL A RESTORERS CLUB of WA Inc

On Sunday, the 22nd of June 1980, a small but enthusiastic group of twelve gathered at the home of Bill and Dorothy Bennie with the intention of forming a Model A Ford Club-which was to be the last mainland State to form a branch of the Model A Restorers Club (Australia), based in Canberra. Subsequently the West Australian Club was named the Model A Restorers Club Australia (Western Australia Branch).

The twelve prospective members owned 17 Model A Fords (7 being fully restored) when they met that day, Bill Bennie was elected President and Mike Cooke as Secretary/treasurer. The annual fee was set at $5, plus $12 to the Canberra.

Since that first meeting, the Club has been family orientated; with meetings held during regular monthly Club runs to various locations – we never have evening meetings and we feel that this format has kept our Club strong as ALL members can be involved.

A draft constitution was tabled on August 24th 1980. By September, 1980 there were 20 family memberships. The Inaugural Run was held on Saturday May 2nd 1981, and recreated 10 years later on May 5th, 1991 (organised by the same club member, Alex Kirkwood).

The Club was incorporated, on August 24th 1980.

At the Annual General Meeting in 1982, it was decided not to continue to be regarded as a Branch of Canberra . The Club name was changed to the Model A Restorers Club of Western Australia, Incorporated in August 1992.


 Office Bearers

Year                         President                         Vice President                          Secretary/Treasurer

1980                       Bill Bennie                        Eric Richards                             Mike Cooke

1983                       Max Annear                     Bill Spencer                              Toni Mahony

1984                       Max Annear                     Mike Cooke                              Alma Letch

1985                       Mike Cooke                      Ross Letch                                Alma Letch

1987                       Steve Read                       Ron Andrews                           Gail Andrews

1989                       John Luca                         Louise Read                               Helen Sharp

1991                       Laurel Cooke                    Angelo Calleja                          Helen Sharp

1993                       Angelo Calleja                  Bevan Sharp                             Ray Mahony

1994                      Alan Jeffree                   Steve Read                             Ray Mahony

1995                      Alan Jeffree                   Steve Read                            Germaine Jeffree

1996                      Alan Jeffree                    Steve Read                           Germaine Jeffree

1997                      Steve Read                    Ron Andrews                       John & Shirley Hall

1998                      David Bussard                 Peter Sartori                         Pat Bussard

1999                      David Bussard                 Peter Sartori                         Pat Bussard

2000                    Peter Sartori                     Ray Mahony                         Toni Mahony

2001                     Peter Sartori                    Ray Mahony                          Toni Mahony

2002                    Peter Sartori                     Ray Mahony                        Gayle Easterbrook

2003                    Peter Sartori                     Ray Mahony                        John & Shirley Hall

2004                   Peter Sartori                     Ray Mahony                         John Moorehead

2005                   John Timmings                 Ray Mahony                         John Moorehead

2006                   John Timmings                 Ray Mahony                         John Moorehead

                                                                                                    Secretary         Treasurer

2007                  Evan Gobby                  Alex Kirkwood      Kaye Gobby           John Moorehead

2008                  Evan Gobby                   Alex Kirkwood      Kaye Gobby         John Moorehead

2009                  Evan Gobby                    Alex Kirkwood     Toni Mahony       Jean Misko

2010                Alan Jeffree                     Colin Davidson      Toni Mahony       John Moorehead

2011                  Alan Jeffree                    Colin Davidson     Kathleen Kuenzel    Bob Piercy

2012                 Alan Jeffree                    Colin Davidson      Kathleen Kuenzel   Bob Piercy

2013                 Alan Jeffree                    Colin Davidson      Kathleen Kuenzel   Bob Piercy

2014                 Alan Jeffree                    Colin Davidson      Kathleen Kuenzel   Bob Piercy

2015                Colin Davidson               Dean Roberts        Kathleen Kuenzel    Bob Piercy

2016                Colin Davidson               Dean Roberts        Kathleen Kuenzel    Bob Piercy

2017                Ray Mahony                    Dean Roberts        Kathleen Kuenzel    Anne Steer

2018                Ray Mahony                    Dean Roberts        Kathleen Kuenzel    Anne Steer

2019                Dean Roberts                  Alan Jeffree           Kathleen Kuenzel    Anne Steer

2020                Dean Roberts                  Alan Jeffree           Kathleen Kuenzel    Anne Steer

The above information was compiled initially by a member at the time, Bevan Sharp. In 1994 he compiled a booklet which detailed the history of all Australia Model A Clubs. All Model A Clubs in Australia have a copy of his compiled Information. Our Club has an updated copy of this document in our Club Library which can be borrowed by members. The table of office bearers is updated each year.

This year (2020) we have approximately 145 members with over 90 restored Model As licensed for road use, and another 20-plus vehicles under restoration.

Our Editor produces a newsletter each month and these can be emailed or posted to members.

Our Club has proudly hosted National Meets in 1992, 2004 and 2014.  In 1992 we attracted 151 entries.  In 2004 there were 167 participants – 79 from the other Sates, thirty with vehicles from the USA, two from NZ without vehicles and one from Holland without a vehicle.