Mt Augustus – Day 1

There’s a back story to this trip. It starts two days prior when the Esperance crew of Seinors and Eardleys left Esperance. A mostly uneventful trip with an overnight stop midway saw them arrive in Bullsbrook by mid afternoon with Des Addison arriving from Bunbury. We had a trio of Model A in our yard ready to start early on Monday morning. In addition The Cooks of Kukerin in their modern and van and we were travelling in our new 4×4 truck.

Start as you mean to go on, so we all stopped 20 minutes up the road at the Bindoon Bakhaus for morning tea and a chat. The Gingers Roadhouse contingent arrived soon after and brought the drizzle. After being well stocked with coffee and doughy goodness we were all on our way to meet the Stratfords in Watheroo.

Introducing you to the Touring Party: Edith and Alan Jeffree, Wayne Millman (Ann called in sick), Sue and Nev Swindell, Des Addison, Rena and Darrel Stratford, Kaye and Pete Eardley, Janette and Kim Seinor all in As and Coral and Reg Blewitt, Ian Paisley, Gerry ten Bokkel, Kay and John Cook, and yours truely, Tania Piercy and Darryl Freind in moderns.

The Midlands Road was far busier with vans and campers than our previous run in 2018. Evidence of the holidaying in WA.
A small hitch with Seinor’s A (I’ll see if he’s named and include in future posts….. although considering the A stopped in the rain on a slim bit of road verge, I imagine it was called many things). For those that follow these matters, it’s believed to be a distributor problem. Luckily the RAC offers roadside assistance in the form of Reg Blewitt (red Landy and Van).

Funny sight: at Moora Coral was seen to be sitting in the back seat behind Reg. She said it was easier to operate as a back seat driver from that position. Tap on the right ear for a right hand turn and, well, you get the idea. We expect to see Coral back in the navigators seat once the passenger door handle is fixed.

A brief stop for lunch at Watheroo and catching up with the Stratfords. the icy wind went straight through a person right to their bladder, so everyone hurried off to Carnamah and a hopefully less chilly stop. It wasn’t. The cold had set in with some rain.

We went straight to the caravan park at Mingenew and were well pleased with the promise of a camp fire. A camp smoulder was more like it despite Pete’s attemps with the petrol. Camps were set up all over the park depending on requirements. There seemed to be no logical explanation, but the lady attendant seemed very adamant about our distribution. The Swindell’s had the distinction of a moat around their site. Very twelfth century.

It was a cold night but most of us were fortified with an alcoholic beverage of choice. For warmth, you understand. Despite the cold, Wayne was avoiding the rum.

A visitor in the park said he’d seen Reg and Coral in Coalseam NP. They were bogged, but all was ok now. I’m sure there’s a story there.

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Largest Private Ford Collection

This is a short video about what was supposedly the largest private Ford collection in the world, prior to it being broken-up and sold in 2018.  The collection was put together by Dutchman Piet den Hartogh after buying his forst Ford in 1956.  Fifty years later, he had 250 cars.  Piet died in 2011 and his collection went to auction after being open to the public for nearly 30 years.

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How Alex Kirkwood restored a 1915 basket case Ford in the 1970’s.

The Restoration of a 1915 Ford in the 1970’s

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2015 Mandalay Rally

by Carolyn Anderson of the Hawkes Bay Model A Club in New Zealand

2015 Road To Mandalay Rally

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2013 Peking to Paris Rally in a Model A

by Roger Anderson of the Hawkes Bay Model A Club in New Zealand

2013 Peking to Paris Rally

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1928 Phaeton for Sale

Alan Porter is selling his Model A:
Everyone knows it as Bennys car as he refurbished it
All pics and description is on Gumtree
Only car that club has full history
It has new tyres all round incl spare, new battery and cooling system done up recently
A RHD Canadian import sold in Northam to an accountant

ph: 0458 806 807

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Wes Hartley wins MAFCA Director’s Literary Award for 2019

Wes Hartley’s write-up of the Te Anau NZ National Rally that appeared in the Sept-Oct issue of The Restorer has won the 2019 MAFCA Director’s Literary Award.

Congratulations Wes – truly a fantastic achievement.

Wes’s article is attached below.

MAFCA – New Zealand Rally – The Restorer – Ps17-19 – Sept-Oct 2019

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Wanted: left hand front guard

Wanted – left front guard for 30-31 Model A. No spare wheel well.
Contact Hans Hurij, 0472 700 635

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Dash & tyres for sale

As-new Dash Panel (for an oval speedo) for sale- $40

2 Dunlop 5.25 x 21 Dunlop tyres, used, good for spares – $20ea

Phil Rebe, Mt Lawley, 9271 1018


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Mid-west run day 5 (and last)

After a leisurely breakfast at The Old Convent in Dalwalinu, the group travelled a very short distance indeed to the farm right next door. The owner of the farm (the sprightly, 80+ year-old Jim) proudly showed us his fantastic collection of windmills. He has them in 2 huge, brand-new sheds built just to house the windmills. He is obviously quite a craftsman because often the restored windmill was accompanied by a photgraph of the original piece of junk he started with. The variety of designs from both Australia and the USA was quite amazing.

Time was getting-on by the time we left Dalwalinu, so a change of route was decided and we just came home the shortest way – straight down Great Northern Highway (probably to the annoyance of quite a few truckies!). We stopped for lunch in New Norcia where everyone said their goodbyes as people would start to disperse as they got closer to their homes in Perth (and Northam).

A double-header windmill than Jim re-created just from photographs

we could have listened to Jim’s tales of windmills and farming for quite a time

Jim talking to the group

one of the first patented windmills from the late 1800s

more windmills

a small part of the collection, with Ross admiring a particularly attrractive wooden-sailed model

the cars outside one of the windmill sheds

a few club members admiring Jim’s 1912 Darracq

we were forced to pull over and stop for this load to come past (a base for a very large crane I suspect)

the last day’s drive

the total trip (blue=day 1, green=day 2, blue=day 3, red=day 4, purple=day 5)

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