The National Meet -day 3

Mandatory run today. As with all the information the SA committee has provided, the directions were excellent. We started in MB and wound our way through the Adelaide hills before stopping for morning tea at Mount Torrens. 

Cooks looking dapper

Here we go. Mandatory run to Mannum

IT WAS FREEZING. well, that isn’t strictly true, it was 7 degrees! Brass monkey weather and a lot colder than MB so most people weren’t dressed well. I pity the poor sods In the dicky seats and I’m eternally thankful I wasn’t one of them. It was cold enough in the Tudor that the engine didn’t get past tepid despite all the hills. Once we arrived at our stopping points, there was an unseemly rush for the toilets and coffee. Lord!

I told you it was cold

And down dale

And down dale

We continued on through beautiful scenery to the destination at Mannum. The bakery there got quite a hiding and the sun even showed its face briefly. Tonight, many of the attendees will be on the paddles steamer dinner cruise.  We headed straight back to camp as Darryl has fallen to the lurgy which is making the rounds. 

Mannum foreshore

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Millman: National meet 1

I don’t have a great deal to report at this stage except we are having a wonderful time at 25th National rally. River cruise luncheon today, yesterday was the compulsory run to Mannum all the A’s lined up ready to head off was a wonderful sight to see, there is just 200 entries but not sure how many A models present but a guess 150. Took a video but unfortunately can’t upload to this site.
Photo of Rally secretary presenting the large NZ members that came over for the rally.

Thank you Wes and Beverly for generous donation, the money is in the MNDAWA tin all monies in the tins will be banked when we return home and amount raised will posted on the Motor Neuron Disease fundraising page.
Anne and Wayne

Wayne’s Motor Neuron Disease fundraising page

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The National Meet -day 1 and 2

Registration went smoothly with the SA meet committee demonstrating fantastic organisation and planning skills. Hours were spent nattering and catching up with old friends and familiar faces. The trade tables were great with a the highlight being a large range of 1929-30s fashion items for sale all sourced from local op shops over the last year. 

The first day was filled with optional runs and dinner in the evening. 

A large group of WAers went to Tailem Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend and then to Old Tailem Town. Not necessarily on that order as some got lost on the way. The Bend racetrack is very impressive, but we were not allowed to go for a spin.

The Bend

Tailem Bend was a nice town and the train museum was great.  Old Tailem town was the highlight of the day. It it a huge collection of old buildings arranged into a town of streets, business and homes. It had every commercial business possible with the building decked out with the appropriate equipment and nicknacks. Dentist, chemist, theatre, pub, solicitor, drapery , butcher etc etc. nearly 100 buildings in all

Darryl at the barber?


Darryl John and Bob all found the pub

Old Tailem

Bob Horgan did WA proud in the Hubley racing coming 2nd in the heats. Chris, Philip and Emma Wringe all competed for WA too. 

Dinner was very nice and dessert was awesome. All in all a great start to the meet. Tomorrow is the mandatory run to Mannum. 

Big announcement that the 2020 Meet will be in Ballarat.

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Millman: Bay-to-Birdwood

Sue and Anne all dolled up for the Birdwood rally

It’s been awhile since the last update, after leaving Loxton we went up to Renmark for a look

Then made our way to Murray Bridge for our base for the Bay to Birdwood and of course the Model A national run.
The Bay to Birdwood was just unbelievable over 800 entrants the organisers were disappointed with the low car count normally over 1200 entrants, the whole event runs so smoothly (at least it appears that way looking as a competitor).
We out to Talem Bend for a drive the new race track called The Bend is just fantastic over $160 million spent so far and still more construction, caravan park cabins being built onsite, The hotel is completed with a unique collection of race cars as you enter the reception area.
As many of you W.A Model A members would have heard, Neville Swindell had to fly home as is father was very ill fortunately he got home in time, but sadly he passed a Sunday afternoon, Neville and Sue are very grateful for the assistance and compassion and support from there tour group especially from Peter and Kaye for taking Neville from Kimba to Whyalla at 5.30am
Our condolences to Neville , Sue and Mrs Swindell on the loss of Neville snr

Wayne’s Motor Neuron Disease fundraising page

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National Meet – just waiting

Sad not Glad

You may recall that Glad was towed home from the Bay to Birdwood. Turns out the diff carrier was broken. A replacement carrier was found in Adelaide and was bought ‘Home’ to be inserted at Eardleys friends garage. The first test drive was undertaken at 5pm and the opinion was “it is good”.  Brett celebrated with an extra large whiskey.

Bringing a new diff home



Still fixing

Oh dear

The MB group spent the day touring Strathalbyn antique shops and a winery on the way home. Some have it tough!  

Returning to our caravan park it seems like a Henry Ford factory exploded. The place is lousy with Model As. We are the only Sandgropers in a camp of Queenslanders. They travel as a large group and have a shared kitty for catering expenses and designated chefs. 

Registration tomorrow. 

NOTE if you already read the B2B post, check back as I’ve added some ‘official’ pics although I couldn’t find them for all our club cars. Check out the run photos

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National Meet – the Bay to Birdwood

The night before the B2B we all stayed close to Glenelg. Des, Daz, Tania, Cooks and Horgans all stayed in the awesome Oaks Plaza right on the beach. Glamorous. We checked in (Des arrived later) , stowed the cars in secure parking and ambled off for lunch. It’s like herding cats, but we eventually decided on a great restaurant on the pier and were back in time for Jimmy Barnes singing in the Grand Finals at the hotel pub. 

Not being a fan of footy, I couldn’t work out who was batting and who was fielding, so left after the first quarter. You all know how that game finished. Eardleys, Des and Brett, Paul and Richard all celebrated a little too much at a friend of Eards where they stayed the night before. More on this later. 

We all started the day of the B2B early with many of us togged up in costume for the occasion. Darryl and I held up the procession a bit by spending too much time admiring the other cars and not realising we were scheduled to go. But go we went. It was a great drive up though the hills to Birdwood with spectators lining the roads nearly the entire way. The finish line had fantastic entertainment, much mutual admiration and of course the excellent museum. 

Bob and Marilyn Horgan and Kay and John Cook.

Darryl Freind and Tania Piercy


Tania and Daz on the B2B

Eards’s and Wilson

Brett, Richard and Glad

Cooks at the start line.

Russell Coight moment #4 –  Brett succumbed and ‘napped’ for about 90 minutes on the lawns at Birdwood. To put the image below into perspective, I should have panned out a bit to show the 10m exclusion zone between a dozing Brett and the happy families, romping children, picnicking couples and band. “Don’t look at the strange man darling and eat your sandwiches”. 

When a nanny nap calls…..

After arriving back in Murray Bridge, Daz had the call, “we’ve broken down and think it’s the uni joint”. Brett, Paul and Richard got Glad towed back to Eards friends house where there is a workshop available to apply some triage. At time of writing, we’re not sure what’s wrong or if it’s been fixed. 

We have a quiet day tomorrow before the registration on Tuesday. More then. 

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National Meet – the Trip day 8

Our last day of The Trip. Tania, Darryl, Des, Brett, Richard, Paul, Coral, Reg, Sue, Peter and Kaye all stayed at Kaye’s sisters farm in the Clare valley last night. A beautiful property with stone cottages and stunning views.

Stunning valleys

The boys made use of Murray’s workshop to fix Brett’s wheel stud (see instalment 6), Peter rebuilt his fuel pump as well as some minor work. 

The ladies were treated to cooking instruction by Brett only to be let in on the secret that Paul had precooked the meal last week!

A very cold morning in the Clare Valley

Come morning and Darryl put the mockers on Pete’s car Wilson, by saying it was very reliable and rarely gave trouble. Wilson responded by promptly refusing to start. The issue was not diagnosed, but eventually Wilson was persuaded to get with the program, and off we all went. 

Just a short trip to Kapunda for morning tea and to part ways. Eardleys, Des and Brett’s crew all went to a friends house, Reg and Coral went on to parts unknown (even to themselves) and Tania, Darryl and Sue went straight on to Murray Bridge. In an effort to spare Sue the busy Barossa tourist traffic, we chose another route only to encounter the steepest white knuckle descent over the Flinders ranges you’ve ever seen. Sue handled it like a pro and we pootled down past Mannum to MB. 



We’ve checked in to our caravan park, unpacked the car, scoured the Engel of all those mystery leaks from the last week and put on 2 loads of washing. Time for a feet up and glass of wine. 

Tomorrow we’re off to Glenelg to overnight before an early start for the Bay to Birdwood run on Sunday. 

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National Meet – the Trip day 7

Peter and Kay shot off early to take Neville to the Whyalla airport. Sadly there is a family emergency and Nev is flying home. Sue will continue on and now has Paul as copilot. Brett says he paid her to take him off his hands. 

Before leaving town we had a quick look at the silo art and big galah. Speaking of big things, so far we’ve seen the big camera, big kangaroo and the big whale which was big, but ultimately quite small if you see what I mean. The big galah was big, but looked like it had mange.  

Silo art in Kimba

Drove straight through Port Augusta (no loss) and on to lunch in Melrose. We’ve cut across the hills away from the main highway which was madness with trucks and kamikaze drivers. At the first incline Sue and copilot Paul had an advance rod come off and needed a patch to get up and over the hills. 

Up, up, up.

Once in the valley, it was a great relief and the scenery changed dramatically. One picturesque town after another.  While sitting in a cafe having lunch in Melrose, who should drive by, but Reg and Coral. They didn’t see us but Reg sniffed out the A’s and was parked with us on our return to the cars.  

Wheat, canola and even lupins all all ok, but finally a crop I can get excited about.

We’ve been offered an overnight with Kay’s sister and brother in law Murray and Ann who have a farm on the way to MB. This will be our last night together as some are going direct to Adelaide, others to MB and others who are touring a bit longer. 

No Russell Coight moments today. I think the touring party has worked out I’m telling tales and are on their best behaviour.

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National Meet – the Trip day 6

It seems Brett’s reliance on Corals scones and cooking is a farce as he’s made his own lamb shanks, roast shoulder and all the vege at 4 in the morning in some else’s campfire. 

We left early and arrived at Ceduna to restock the fruit and vege. 

Elect issues with George’s solar appear to have been fixed by the lunch stop at Wirrulla.  If you remember, George is Brett’s new teardrop  

Poochera windmills

At Wirrulla, Peter used the advantage of first arrival to scope out the old parts from a local garage.  The owner asked for $50 and Peter eventually negotiated the box for $70.

But otherwise a fairly quiet day. That is until we arrived at Kimba to overnight. 

The entire reserve were treated to 2 and a half hours of hammering, swearing and grinding to remove a wheel nut from Glad. Eventual success and the camp returned to relative serenity. By about 8pm the grunting and muttering died down and everyone returned to normal. 

Yup, it’s a wheel

George’s solar issues appear not to be fixed after all. The entire system was working perfectly until it actually got dark and was needed and then packed it in. Brett calculated that he could have bought 1023 head torches for the amount he’s spent on the solar. 

Still at it

Russel Coight moment #4 -Someone had a shower at 4am, forgot his towel and dried himself as nature intended at a campfire. Thankfully, the idea someone was coming convinced him to tog up and get decent. 

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National Meet – the Trip day 5

You don’t see that every day – Nullarbor

Not such a windy night as expected, but lord it was cold. Very difficult to pry ourselves (okay, myself) out of bed this morning.  This was after we discovered an airstrip ran not 50m from our tent and a plane landed during the night. 


The Touring Party is complete

We dawdled this morning to allow Brett a bit more time to catchup after he overnighted on the Nullarbor. He, Richard and Paul arrive about 9.30am with much fanfare and ahooga. Although I thought Brett’s horn sounded more like a strangled duck. 


We now had a full compliment: Sue and Nev, Pete and Kay, Toni and Ray, Des, Tania and Daz, Brett, Richard and Paul.  John and Kay and  Bob and Marilyn and ahead at Port August at last checkin. 


Still pushing into a strong headwind meaning the fuel consumption and speed are suffering. Des had a flat and Neville and Sue had some wiring issues, but otherwise we charted a short day into Fowlers Bay.


Unscheduled stop

We were warned by many other travelers about the ‘rough’ road into Fowlers and advised not to attempt it. But we were not to be put off and soldiered on.  Pffttt.  What a joke, the 10 km of gravel was significantly less rough than the Perth to Kal highway.  We had an early camp and everyone industriously attended to vehicles and cooking the last of the veges before the quarantine in Ceduna. 

Minor mayhem fitting 5 vehicles in a 2 car spot.

Des is busy

Richard is busy

Nev is busy

Russel Coight moment #3 – Brett, while attempting to use all the ice and whiskey before it melted (see photo), fell out of his camp chair and had it fold up on him, pinning him to the ground. No one was quick enough with a camera to capture the glorious moment. 

Ray and Toni have travelled ahead to try to get their fridge fixed in Ceduna or Adelaide. 

Ice for Brett’s whiskey

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